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Type: Utility / Application

Make ioFTPD running as a service

Put this in ioFTPD system dir (where ioftpd.exe is located).
To install service (Automatic Start), type "ioservice -i" (to uninstall: "ioservice -u").
Then start first time service with: "net start ioftpd" (or reboot computer).
The program is warned when ioFTPD crashed or was killed and immediatly restart it.

If you want to use secure connections (SSL/TLS), you have to do this (Thanks to oldino and gpyfsk):
first U have to run ioftp as a service

You must have this in etc\ioftpd.env:

If they weren't there you have to restart ioftpd

Extract makecert.exe and rsa.bat in scripts\cert

in ioftpd.ini, add this line under FTP_Custom_Commands:
rsa = EXEC ..\scripts\cert\rsa.bat
don't forget to do a SITE CONFIG REHASH

Edit rsa.bat and replace the 2 NAME by your ip/host and then execute command under ioftpd then
u will have new cert under system dir. Double click it and voilą.

Of course don't forget to edit ioftpd settings for SSL/TLS and restart it.
If U want 168bit 3DES as in glFTPD, set Encryption_Protocol to TLS and Min_Cipher_Strength and Max_Cipher_Strength to 168

Script page:

0.1: First version
0.2: Bug found (crashes after 150 sec). Just replace exe
0.3: Automatically delete ioftpd.crash.log if exist. Just replace exe
* Now instataneously restart ioftpd process if crashed or killed
* There's 2 versions: one that deletes ioftpd.crash.log and another without

From oldhouse80:
If u have shareDB and install ioftp as a service with this nice script, u must be careful about how u install odbc service, otherwise ioftp will
crash everytime ioservice runs it.
When u add odbc service to listen to sharedb, instead of adding it in the first tab (user dsn), choose to add the sql odbc server under system dsn,
otherwise your ioftpd will not be able to look at user db and obviously will crash.
Certificate trick has already been tested on 3 sites and works great so u shouldn't have problems anymore with ioftp as a service!!!
Enjoy :)